Brazil Butt Lift - Can You Really Get a Victoria's Secret Butt? AND SLIMThe Brazil Butt Lift is a hot new exercise program that focuses on the butt. It claims to lift, tighten, and round the butt into a shape similar to those seen on Victoria's Secret models and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.

If you're like me, you've noticed that almost every one of those models has a cookie-cutter butt shape. They're so similar it makes you wonder if they're pasting the same butt into every girl's picture!

If you're like me, you've also thought, "Even if I exercise all day long every day and lift my butt to the middle of my back, I could never look like that!"

You see, when I looked in the mirror, I saw a very different shape than what those gorgeous girls have. I saw a flat, square butt that was not very feminine looking to me. It certainly didn't resemble one of those perky little college cheerleader butts. AND SLIM
How could I possibly transform my flat box into a derriere to die for?

Then I discovered Brazil Butt Lift.

It's created by Leandro Carvalho, trainer to world-famous supermodels including Alessandra Ambrosio and Fernanda Mota of Victoria's Secret. Combining lots of dance and cardio, as well as resistance band training, the program is exciting and fresh.

Not only that, but it works! Carvalho has devised this body blueprint system, where you choose the starting shape of your butt, and he recommends a unique training schedule for you that sculpts your butt into the one you want.

I have been doing the system for three weeks, and my butt seems way more feminine to me than it did before. There is a roundness to it that wasn't there before, especially at the top where it used to be like a ski slope.

How to Lose Inches Around Your Butt Fast AND SLIMThere's a song about liking big butts, but you may want to learn how to lose inches around your butt fast instead of being stuck with an overly-large butt. A nice round, firm butt is quite appealing, but having a flabby, large butt with loose skin and dimpling from cellulite is simply not attractive. You may already know how difficult it can be to lose cellulite on the butt area through traditional diet and exercise programs; in fact, it seems to be almost impossible for some people. AND SLIMThe size and shape of a person's butt is actually hereditary to some extent. Some people are simply blessed by their genes with a smaller, shapely butt than others. If your butt is larger than you like, you may not be able to completely change the size and shape of it, but you definitely can lose inches around your butt and fight against your genetic predisposition.

One of the fastest ways to lose inches around your butt is the use of an all-natural body wrap. The visible results of a body wrap can be immediate and you can really lose inches right away with this process. You can have your local spa, beauty salon, or tanning salon give you a body wrap treatment or you can choose to use an at-home body wrap kit. Either way, you should be absolutely sure that the product promotes the loss of inches if losing around your butt fast is your goal. Body wraps which are all natural are accepted as safe and can be a very pleasant experience.

Specific exercises which focus on losing inches around your butt fast can also benefit a person wishing to reduce their butt size and firm up the shape of the muscle which forms the posterior. While you can learn which exercises are most effective from your local health spa, gym, or even the local YMCA, you can also learn from a good library book or even from online research. Some of the best exercises for the butt area include the rear leg lift, squats with light hand weights, lunges, step exercises and hip extensions. In order to experience the fastest loss of inches, it is important to perform the exercises exactly as instructed so that the muscles will quickly become firm and fat will be lost. You can also firm up your butt through running, walking and hiking.

Aerobics Or Weightlifting For a Bigger Butt? AND SLIMShould you do aerobics or weight training to get a better shaped butt? Should you do both or emphasize on other? This depends really much on your goals, but if you are aiming to get a bigger butt the answer is quite clear. This depends of course on the current state of your body. Have you been eating really unhealthy life and have gathered a fat storage around the body. If the case is so the best option is then of course to emphasize on aerobics.

Cardio workouts and aerobics are mainly aimed to burn fat. Depending much on what aerobics you do, but in general your muscles will get more toned and maybe slightly bigger and you will lose that excess fat around your body. Aerobics will give you that slim, toned look. You have to exercise 3 - 4 times a week to get any real results with aerobics method. So if you are after bigger butt, the aerobics might not be your thing. AND SLIM

Then why is it important to get bigger butt muscles to get bigger butt? It is because, the bigger your butt muscles are the bigger your butt will be and look. Butt muscles in good condition will shape your behind to a rounder and bigger look. So the obvious answer to the question, aerobic or weightlifting is weightlifting. If you want to have bigger butt and bigger butt muscles you need to stimulate the muscles to grow and only really effective way to do it is by exercising your butt with weights. Aerobics or cardio exercising is something I recommend to do on the side. It will make your butt stand out more if your body fat percentage is lower.

The Fastest Ways to Get Slim With Brazilian Butt Lift Workout AND SLIMMost people put all their efforts into making their face beautiful. With time, the rest of the body has also become the focus of beauty enhancement regimes, mostly in the form of fitness training. People are trying to receive training for making their abs, thighs, hands and legs look firm, fit and nice. Still, a lot of people neglect their butts, forgetting about the importance of butt toning exercises. If you have an oversized or undersized butt, or if your butt is not firm, the balance of the body shape is affected.

The disproportionate body parts would ruin the beauty of the rest of the body. If you are not happy with your butts and want to do something about it, then Brazilian butt lift workout will help you a lot. This is a training program specially focused on the firming and lifting of your butts. If you have been a bit jealous of the butts of models who walk the ramp and have their pictures published in world famous fashion magazines, you no longer have to be so. Now, you know their secret and you can also use the same methods to have enviable butts.

If you go through the Brazilian butt lift reviews, you will find that women of all sizes and all types of physique can benefit from it. There is no particular target a woman has to achieve before she can start this training. Along with that, the training itself is invigorating and energizing. So, after completing the training, you will not only have better buttocks, but will also have a lot of energy, feeling good as a consequence. The fat burning and muscle toning workout works upon butt muscles and make them firmer than ever before. AND SLIM 

There are various sites about Brazilian butt lift. Such sites provide you with all the information available on the subject. When you are practicing the butt toning exercises, you work three major muscles of the area. Those muscles are: Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus. Basically, the training program is based upon certain dance moves. These moves are inspired by Latin dance forms. The whole training is called Triangle Training Technique, and it will make your dream of perfect butts come true.

How To Reduce Buttocks Fat: Secrets To Slimming Down Your Behind AND SLIMIf you are interested in learning how to firm up your butt, it is important to understand that it takes a unique combination of consuming the appropriate foods and exercising. There are certain areas of the body that are targeted when an individual carries excess weight. These regions are usually the arms, the legs, the abdomen, as well as the butt. Unfortunately, not everyone has the expertise to know what steps are needed as far as diet and exercise to address these trouble areas. In this guide, you will learn what steps are necessary to become knowledgeable on how to firm up your butt.

1. The first step to becoming successful with any program that targets a trouble area on the body is to ensure that you have solid, achievable goals that will allow you to achieve the level of success that you desire. If you are interested in learning how to firm up your butt, chances are, you need to shed a few pounds, focus on exercises that are designed to firm and tone the muscles of the butt, and engage in some behavior modification techniques that will permit you to be successful. The main point to remember when setting goals that pertain to your body is that those goals need to be realistic or you will find it challenging to reach the level of success that you desire.

2. If you are interested in learning how to firm up your butt, it is important to understand that the muscles of the butt are an important area of focus in order to become successful. The butt muscles are referred to as the "Gluteus Maximus". This group is also referred to as the "Glute" and many individuals may refer to them as the "Glutes". This is considered to be the largest of the muscles that are identified as being "Gluteal". When it comes to the actual appearance of the butt region, the tone of this muscle is exceptionally important. If you want to tone up the way that your butt feels, it is important to ensure that you focus on foods and exercises that target the muscles. Not only will these factors determine how much fat is visibly present on the butt, but they will also impact the firmness associated with the butt. AND SLIM
3. When working on food modification as far as your diet is concerned, you will want to focus on those that provide a low amount of calories to the body and those that provide a high level of protein and other nutrients. It is best to consume foods that are considered to be cultivated in an organic manner and contain the highest level of nutrients. You could consume dairy products that contain a low amount of fat, meats that are considered to be lean, a variety of vegetables, as well as several different fruits. It is important to avoid consuming foods that contain a high amount of sugar, calories, and fat.

Run Hills to Get a Better Butt AND SLIMHave you done different exercises to get better looking body, especially butt? Maybe not pleased with the results, or the results aren't coming as fast as you would like for them to come? There is one exercise you might haven't even thought about yet, running hills or stairs. First thing, think about those 100m, 200m and 400m runners at olympics, they do have quite muscular butt, don't they? If you want to get more shape to your butt, you should also try to get more muscle mass to your butt, which will eventually mean rounder and better butt shape overall.

Running hills is a great and hard way to get yourself in better condition and into better shape overall. It will burn calories and you will lose fat if you do it regularly. It isn't just about shaping your butt. Running small hills or to do short sprints against elevation, duration about 30s to 1 minutes, will get your heart rate up and your body burning fat like never before. The high heart rate is the reason, why it is so effective to burn calories and to get your body slim. AND SLIM

Running hills doesn't just make your body more slim. It makes your legs and butt muscles also work, hard. The benefits of it is that your legs and thighs will get that sexier lean look, but your butt will get rounder, lifted look which sprinters have. Running hills or stairs, makes your butt also do more work than it would if you where just running flat 100m. Hill running combined with gym exercises makes your butt work and gets you a better looking butt and body overall. Run regularly 3 - 4 times a week, for about 30 minutes at least and you should be on your way of having a better looking butt.

Running hills isn't a magic trick and requires much more from the exercises than going to gym and doing butt exercises there. Both ways get you good results, but combined the results will be excellent.

1 Minute “Fat Stripping” Exercise

Like my shirt says, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

This exercise is super simple but you have to work hard. You’ve got to do 1 minute without stopping.

I know you can do this. We’re going to do my favorite fat-stripping exercise. It’s called “Burpees.”

So, let me demonstrate how you do a burpee in 3 different levels so that you can listen to your body and never extend yourself past the point to where you injure yourself.

We’re also going to be using an iPhone, or a timer, even as stopwatch would work great. We’re going to set it for 1 minute, so that when we’re ready to go, we’re going to go.

Put it on the ground right next to you.

We’re going to do 1 minute of one of the most powerful, fat-burning exercises. First, I’m going to demonstrate the levels of a burpee.

So for level 1, you’re going to jump up, come down, step the right back foot, step the left foot back. Then step the right foot forward, step the left foot forward and jump up. So, that’s level 1.

If you’d like to go further, we’re going to sink down deeper, then Jump up, come down and bring both feet back together. Bring both feet forward and then jump up again. That’s level 2.

If you’d like to go to level 3, you’re going to sink down really deep, jump up, then you bring your hands down. Then jump back, bring your feet forward to your hands, bring your feet back, come back up and jump off.

All right, so those are the 3 different levels.

Are you ready to go? Take a deep inhale, exhale. Find your center or find your strength inside of you.

Grab your iPhone, set it down next to you. When we press start, we’re going to go for 1 minute without stopping. I know you can do this.

Let’s go.

Deep breath in, exhale, jump up. Wherever you are, remember, you’re chiseling away the fat all over your body.

So really focus on why you want to get fit, why you want a great body.

It’s easy to focus on all the parts of your body you don’t like but now we want to think about why we’re doing this, what is your why.

You can do this.

If you want to feel great in your bikini, if you want to have more energy, if you want to feel sexy and strong, keep going and keep breathing.

We did it! Nice work. That was 1 minute of one of the most powerful fat-burning exercises.

You can hear it in my voice; I’m really out of breath. My thighs and arms are burning, while my full body is stripping away fat.

Use this exercise any time you want to look great, feel great and you’ve only got 1 minute.

“Butt Lifting” Workout

We’re going to do 4 workouts and each one is specifically designed to lift your butt.

The first exercise are the “burpees.”

Now, burpees are great for lifting your butt because when you jump up and then squat, you’re really going to contract the butt and that’s going to lift up that butt muscle.

Make sure you don’t arch your back, keep your spine tall and engage your core.

When you come down, jump your feet back. Make sure you don’t drop your butt.

A lot of people make this mistake so you really want to use your core to make sure you’re in a plank position.

And then when you jump forward, you squeeze that butt again.

So, that’s going to help lift your butt as you explosive jump up and that’s one burpee.

The next exercise is called a “Twisted Lunge.”

In the lunge position, we’re going to once again contract that butt muscle because that’s what going to lift it up.

When you lunge down, you’re going to keep those butt muscles contracted and then we’re going to twist to the side and that’s one.

You come back up and then you go down, so that’s two.

The third exercise are called “mountain climbers.”

With mountain climbers, you come down to a plank position…

Start with your core engaged, then switch your right foot forward and then your left.

Now, it’s really important that you squeeze that butt muscle every time you move your right foot forward and your left foot forward because that’s going to lift that butt even faster.

And the fourth exercise in this butt-lift series is called the “Standing Split.”

From here, you’re going to squat down with your right knee almost to the ground and then when you straighten your front leg, you’re going to reach that top leg up to a standing split.

Now, you can feel that the standing leg is really going to tighten as you lower and as you straighten.

It’s really important to listen to your body, this is a very deep lunge right here.

Even if you don’t go all the way, you’re still getting that butt nice, tone and lifted.

So, we’re going to do each side for 30 seconds and then we’re going to alternate to the other leg and do that same movement on the other side.

Then we’re going to rest for 30 seconds. I’ve got a timer right here.

Are you ready to go?

Take a deep breath in. Here we go.

Let’s go to burpees. Jump up and down. Use your core. Breathe.

Make sure you’re engaging the butt muscle so we can lift that butt up.

All right, lunging twist.

Lunge and twist. Come back and up. So, now we’re really isolating into that butt muscle.

You can feel how it’s contracting and lifting. Make sure you keep your breath flowing and you keep your spine tall, engage your core.

It’s going to lift your butt from all angles.

Next is mountain climbers, let’s assume plank position.

Keep your breath going, keep it moving. Squeeze that butt so you get a really nice, lifted butt.

After that comes the standing splits, so kneel down and squeeze that leg up.

You can slow this one down because you really want to isolate the movement and you really want to feel that glute muscle contracting.

This is what’s going to lift your butt and give you that nice, round, perky butt.

So, the standing leg is the one that’s taking the most of the tension but I also feel it in the butt muscle that’s lifting the split up.

This is how you get maximum results with the least amount of effort, AND in the least amount of time.

All right, we’re going to rest for 30 seconds. Keep breathing, it’s so important to oxygenate your body.

For the full workout you want to do this for a total of 3 rounds.

You’re going to feel so good. You’re going to have a nice, tight, tone and lifted butt.

You know, a lot of people are going to come up and say, “How did you get that butt?”

And you’re going to say, “Well, I was doing AndrĂ©a’s butt workout. And she’s the one who showed me how you can get a nice, tone, lifted butt in just a few minutes a day.”

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer or go to a gym.

When you feel great wearing your bikini at the beach or at the pool, it’s all worth it.

This workout is what’s going to burn that butt fat for you.

You deserve a great butt. You deserve to feel great.

I believe in you.

How To Build A Firm, Tight Butt With “Bad Genetics”

I used to be overweight and my butt was saggy, plus I had butt cellulite and I was embarrassed with my butt.

Here I thought that I was just doomed because I was born with those “fat genes.”

You know, I would look at all the other members of my family and I would think:

“Ah, it’s hopeless. I’m never going to get a great butt.”

But I was wrong.

So, if you’ve got bad genes in your family, I want to give you hope and tell you that you can get a great butt.

And even those women who think, “Oh, I’ve got great genes so I can just coast and I’ve got a great butt…I’m going to look great forever,”

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen these girls…

They maybe looking great in high school but if they don’t take care of their butt, it can get “saggy.”

So, you may be wondering why do those girls with great butts get saggy butts overtime, well, it’s all about muscle.

You see when you’re younger you have more muscle. That’s just natural.

But overtime, we start to lose muscle…

Those younger girls they have that lifted butt, it’s because they got the muscle in there.

Overtime, if they don’t keep the muscle, if they don’t work the muscle and if they don’t take care of their butt, it starts to sag.

So, everything that was “up top” starts to go down…

And now, you’ve got a saggy butt.

Even if you don’t gain weight, you’re still going to have a saggy butt because you’re going to lose that muscle tone.

Unfortunately, “gravity” is not our friend. As we age, everything starts to sag.

Have you ever seen a woman with small arms but when she lifts them up she has saggy skin hanging down?

This is because “gravity” overtime starts to pull everything down as you’re losing that muscle mass.

Unfortunately, other things start to sag as well “if you know what I mean.”

So as a woman, you want to make sure you’ve got it all nice, toned, and tight.

And don’t worry, it’s way easier than you ever thought possible.

So, the way that you keep it toned and tight is to…

“Just add muscle!”

Muscle is great because it’s going to keep everything lifted.

It’s going to tone everything.

Now listen, that’s why young people look so good.

They have that muscle mass and here’s the good news…

You can look even better than you did when you were younger by simply adding muscle.

And I’m going to show you how:

Okay, so, we’re just going to add muscle.

It seems so simple, right?

Everybody says, “I do lunges. I do squats. How come I don’t have a great butt?”

Well, it’s the way that you’re doing these exercises that makes all the difference.

Honestly, I used to make that exact, same mistake…

I would go and spend hours and hours at the gym. I’d go on the cardio machines working my butt off.

And you know what?

I never got the butt that I wanted. In fact, it only got worse and worse.

So, I started to think and wonder:

“Why isn’t my butt getting any bigger?”

So I started to really pay attention.

And I noticed that my legs were getting bigger instead of my butt and that got me thinking…

“What if I’m actually using my legs instead of my butt?”

And that’s how I discovered the problem that most people have and that I was having with getting a great butt.

I was focusing on my legs and this can be a really big problem because as your legs get stronger and stronger over time, you start to use your butt muscles less and less.

Okay, so the first tip to knowing if you’re using your butt muscle is to actually feel it.

If you’re doing a lunge or a squat and you feel it in your legs, then guess what…

You’re not working your butt.

You want to make sure you can really feel those glute muscles firing and every time you squeeze and come up, feel it in your butt.

Most people are only feeling it in their legs and that’s why the legs are getting stronger and stronger overtime, while the butt just gets saggier and saggier.

Once I made this discovery, it really started to change things for me but it it still didn’t give me the results that I wanted.

I wanted to really lift my butt and get that round butt that I’d always seen on fitness models and in magazines.

I believed that I could have it so I put my attention and focus on:

“How can I get it faster.”

I started realizing, okay, if I focus more on the butt, I’m going to actually get more firming.

But, what if I were to maximize the time tension on the butt muscle?

And that’s how I discovered the Time Tension Principle™

It’s a principle that I accidentally discovered where you isolate the butt muscles and you don’t relax them.

So you use more of the butt muscle in less time.

Whenever you do a lunge, most people will lunge and then step together about here… you can tell I’m relaxed right here.

But what if I were to lunge and never take a break?

You see, I’m keeping those butt muscles contracted and this is the time tension principle at its best.

I noticed that my butt started to lift up as the butt fat started to disappear.

This time tension principle is so simple and so easy to do, plus you get 2x results in half the time.

And if you’re not ready to do a squat or a lunge just yet, here’s another way that you can experience the time tension principle.

Just lift your arms up once and then lower them down.

Just like a bird flapping your wings.

You can probably do this many, many times right?

And that’s because you’re contracting the muscle and then you’re relaxing it. Contracting and then relaxing…

So, now do this instead. Lift your arms up and hold it.

See if you can hold it here for just a few more seconds.

Notice the difference in your shoulders and notice how your muscle is actually staying under tension.


You’re getting more results in the same amount of time.

In fact, you don’t even have to do it as long as if you were contracting and relaxing, contracting and relaxing…

Okay, you feel it?

That’s just 1 other example, one other body part that you can use this “time tension principle” tip.

It works great for your butt and it also sculpts the rest of your body as well.

You can build a fit, round, perky butt even if you have bad genetics.

Remember, even those women with good genetics can get a saggy butt overtime.

But if you use these simple principles and simple tips…

Then you can have a great butt as you get older and older.

People will think, “How did you get that butt?”

They’ll come up to you and think you’re way young and you’ll be proud in your bikini and you’ll feel confident and your man is going to love it.

Slim Your Butt And Thighs (best way)

We’re going to do a series of muscle building exercises that shrink the fat. Then we’ll follow it up with some cardio in between.

The cardio is going to slim everything down, tighten everything up while we build that muscle.

This gives you that nice, sexy, round backside that makes you look great in your bikini and those tight jeans you like to wear.

We’ve got four different exercises.

The first one is called a “Single Leg Raise on the Floor”.

We’re going to do 10 circles to the front, 10 circles to the back. Straight back, lift that first leg up, circle to the front and then circle to the back.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

In between, we’re going to do some cardio “Mountain Climbers”.

So we’re going to speed up our heart rate and get our metabolism firing.

We’re going to do 30 “mountain climbers”, come to plank. Switch your right foot, then your left, right and left.

Then we’re going to drop back and do some more of that muscle building exercise “Clam Shells on the Floor”.

We’re going to bring our feet together. Open and close, open and close. You can feel how that’s targeting the inner thigh where that flabby thigh fat can hang down.

Feel the burn. This is a good burn because it means you’re burning off fat. That’s what’s going to slim it down.

The third exercise is going to be the “Glute Burner”.

We call it the “Glute Burner” because you’re going to feel it burn.

Now, this is going to really target in to the whole front and back of the butt. It’s like you’re running in slow motion.

Our fourth and final exercise is called the “Lotus Cheek Chiseler”.

Lying down on your stomach, hands out, legs extend. Lifting up, hold for 5 breaths coming down.

Now, whenever you lift up, really squeeze the glute muscles together.

This is going to give you a nice, slim butt and give you that muscle. It’s going to lift your butt.

We’re going to do that 10 times and you guessed it, “mountain climbers” in between. “Mountain Climbers” speed up the heart rate but shrink down those fat cells around the thigh.

Okay, so that’s the sequence.

To get the most benefit, you would do four rounds of this exercise.

Remember, this is the best way to slim your butt and thighs.

A lot of women have a problem with that butt fat that hangs over the thigh. This really targets in to that and it’s going to slim it down.

As you breathe, imagine your butt getting slimmer and tighter.

You can really start rocking those hot pants out of the club, for your man, at your house, wherever you just feel like being sexy.

Put them on for yourself and say, “Yeah, I feel like wearing my hot pants today.”

This is where I say okay, I’m going to imagine myself walking on a beach and not having to wear a sarong.

Just being able to be free and confident with my butt because I feel like my butt is slim and my thighs are tight and toned.

So, whatever it is for you, dig deep.

Imagine that there is somebody you want to inspire right now. Maybe it’s your kids, maybe it’s a family member or somebody you love, do it for them.

Be as healthy as you can be. You deserve it.

Give yourself a huge high five. I’m giving one to you right now.

Remember to do this exercise sequence for four rounds for a complete toning, slimming butt and thigh workout.

I will see you on the beach in no time.

Shape Your Butt And Slim Your Thighs (3 Moves-no lunges!)

So we are going to do 3 moves that are going to shape, lift, and tone while you lose butt fat from your butt and thighs.

Ready to get started?

Come down with me onto your mat, the first move is called “Dolphin”.

You’re going to come down onto your forearms, make sure your hands and elbows are in alignment so you have a really stable base. Then line up your knees with your elbows.

Make sure your knees are hip distance apart and your elbows are shoulder distance apart.

When you find that really grounding stability, take a deep inhale and exhale.

You’re going to lift one leg up. Now you get to decide how far you lift it.

You can do it midway or if you’d like to go further, you can go into the full extension lifting that leg all the way up towards the ceiling. That’s one move, exhale and slowly bring it down.

So let’s do 5 of these.

Every time you lift your leg, you want to squeeze your butt so we’re shaping the butt while we’re toning. We’re really targeting into the top of the butt muscle.

On the last one, extend the leg up as high as you can and then slowly bring it down.

Now let’s go to the other side. Remember to go at your own pace and breathe as you lift.

These are called “Dolphin Kicks”.

You can imagine that you’re a dolphin in the ocean while you’re chiseling away that butt fat, shaping, toning and lifting. You’re also playing, so have fun!

Remember, it’s always important to enjoy exercising.

Then…when you’re done with that side, push back and slowly walk your hands up.

So that was the 1st move and the next moves are called “Rainbows”.

So once again you’re going to come down onto your forearms, same position, make sure your elbows are shoulder width apart, your hands are in alignment with your elbows, your knees are in alignment with your hips.

Take a deep inhale, then you’re going to exhale.

“Level 1″ is just to lift that right leg up and just slowly come down. So this is going to chisel away that side butt fat and we’re even getting into the top of the thigh.

If you would like to go into “level 2″, you’re going to reach that leg back, place it down, and then bring it forward.

If you’d like to go into “level 3″, the leg extends out. Bring it all the way forward, touch the foot down, and then bring it all the way back.

So whatever level you’re at, let’s do 5 of these.

You want to be connected to your core so you’re really balanced and stable. You’re targeting into those butt muscles: the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minimus.

We’re losing the butt fat while we are shaping the top of the thigh.

Keep breathing, imagine how great your butt is going to look as we’re chiseling away that butt fat. We’re shaping the butt while we’re also slimming down the thigh.

Feels good right?

And for our 3rd move, we’re going to come down onto our back, so really take your time, connect to your sitting bones. Lift your arms up and use your core to slowly roll down onto your back.

And this move is called “Bridge Pose”.

Place your feet down on the ground, hips distance apart. Have your hands on the ground and then roll one shoulder under and then the next.

So your shoulder blades are moving down your back which really gives you a nice, wide open chest and your collar bones are spread apart.

So you’re going to squeeze your butt as you lift up, that’s one.

If you would like more intensity, you can lift that right leg up. You’re going to squeeze with your knees bent. And if you would like to go even further, bring that foot all the way and lift and squeeze.

We’re going to do 5 of these. Make sure you’re breathing, especially at the top of that move.

We’re chiseling away the butt fat, we’re shaping the butt, you’re going to feel so great.

Now wherever you are, if you’d like to stay with the basic…it’s just lift and squeeze.

And if you would like to go further you’re going to lift the left leg and that isolates the right butt cheek. So you’re really putting all the tension under one butt cheek at a time.

“Level 3″ is where you lift and squeeze and lift that leg fully extended.

It’s amazing how simple, easy, moves can get you such great results when you really concentrate.

So those are 3 easy moves to shape and tone your butt and thighs, without doing any lunges.

To do a complete workout, practice this exercise and do this routine 4 times.

So that way you will really get the most out of your time of chiseling the butt and slimming the thighs.

You’re going to be amazed at how great you feel in a very short period of time…

So thank you for your suggestions.

Please keep them coming, I’m listening to you.