How To Build A Firm, Tight Butt With “Bad Genetics”

I used to be overweight and my butt was saggy, plus I had butt cellulite and I was embarrassed with my butt.

Here I thought that I was just doomed because I was born with those “fat genes.”

You know, I would look at all the other members of my family and I would think:

“Ah, it’s hopeless. I’m never going to get a great butt.”

But I was wrong.

So, if you’ve got bad genes in your family, I want to give you hope and tell you that you can get a great butt.

And even those women who think, “Oh, I’ve got great genes so I can just coast and I’ve got a great butt…I’m going to look great forever,”

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen these girls…

They maybe looking great in high school but if they don’t take care of their butt, it can get “saggy.”

So, you may be wondering why do those girls with great butts get saggy butts overtime, well, it’s all about muscle.

You see when you’re younger you have more muscle. That’s just natural.

But overtime, we start to lose muscle…

Those younger girls they have that lifted butt, it’s because they got the muscle in there.

Overtime, if they don’t keep the muscle, if they don’t work the muscle and if they don’t take care of their butt, it starts to sag.

So, everything that was “up top” starts to go down…

And now, you’ve got a saggy butt.

Even if you don’t gain weight, you’re still going to have a saggy butt because you’re going to lose that muscle tone.

Unfortunately, “gravity” is not our friend. As we age, everything starts to sag.

Have you ever seen a woman with small arms but when she lifts them up she has saggy skin hanging down?

This is because “gravity” overtime starts to pull everything down as you’re losing that muscle mass.

Unfortunately, other things start to sag as well “if you know what I mean.”

So as a woman, you want to make sure you’ve got it all nice, toned, and tight.

And don’t worry, it’s way easier than you ever thought possible.

So, the way that you keep it toned and tight is to…

“Just add muscle!”

Muscle is great because it’s going to keep everything lifted.

It’s going to tone everything.

Now listen, that’s why young people look so good.

They have that muscle mass and here’s the good news…

You can look even better than you did when you were younger by simply adding muscle.

And I’m going to show you how:

Okay, so, we’re just going to add muscle.

It seems so simple, right?

Everybody says, “I do lunges. I do squats. How come I don’t have a great butt?”

Well, it’s the way that you’re doing these exercises that makes all the difference.

Honestly, I used to make that exact, same mistake…

I would go and spend hours and hours at the gym. I’d go on the cardio machines working my butt off.

And you know what?

I never got the butt that I wanted. In fact, it only got worse and worse.

So, I started to think and wonder:

“Why isn’t my butt getting any bigger?”

So I started to really pay attention.

And I noticed that my legs were getting bigger instead of my butt and that got me thinking…

“What if I’m actually using my legs instead of my butt?”

And that’s how I discovered the problem that most people have and that I was having with getting a great butt.

I was focusing on my legs and this can be a really big problem because as your legs get stronger and stronger over time, you start to use your butt muscles less and less.

Okay, so the first tip to knowing if you’re using your butt muscle is to actually feel it.

If you’re doing a lunge or a squat and you feel it in your legs, then guess what…

You’re not working your butt.

You want to make sure you can really feel those glute muscles firing and every time you squeeze and come up, feel it in your butt.

Most people are only feeling it in their legs and that’s why the legs are getting stronger and stronger overtime, while the butt just gets saggier and saggier.

Once I made this discovery, it really started to change things for me but it it still didn’t give me the results that I wanted.

I wanted to really lift my butt and get that round butt that I’d always seen on fitness models and in magazines.

I believed that I could have it so I put my attention and focus on:

“How can I get it faster.”

I started realizing, okay, if I focus more on the butt, I’m going to actually get more firming.

But, what if I were to maximize the time tension on the butt muscle?

And that’s how I discovered the Time Tension Principle™

It’s a principle that I accidentally discovered where you isolate the butt muscles and you don’t relax them.

So you use more of the butt muscle in less time.

Whenever you do a lunge, most people will lunge and then step together about here… you can tell I’m relaxed right here.

But what if I were to lunge and never take a break?

You see, I’m keeping those butt muscles contracted and this is the time tension principle at its best.

I noticed that my butt started to lift up as the butt fat started to disappear.

This time tension principle is so simple and so easy to do, plus you get 2x results in half the time.

And if you’re not ready to do a squat or a lunge just yet, here’s another way that you can experience the time tension principle.

Just lift your arms up once and then lower them down.

Just like a bird flapping your wings.

You can probably do this many, many times right?

And that’s because you’re contracting the muscle and then you’re relaxing it. Contracting and then relaxing…

So, now do this instead. Lift your arms up and hold it.

See if you can hold it here for just a few more seconds.

Notice the difference in your shoulders and notice how your muscle is actually staying under tension.


You’re getting more results in the same amount of time.

In fact, you don’t even have to do it as long as if you were contracting and relaxing, contracting and relaxing…

Okay, you feel it?

That’s just 1 other example, one other body part that you can use this “time tension principle” tip.

It works great for your butt and it also sculpts the rest of your body as well.

You can build a fit, round, perky butt even if you have bad genetics.

Remember, even those women with good genetics can get a saggy butt overtime.

But if you use these simple principles and simple tips…

Then you can have a great butt as you get older and older.

People will think, “How did you get that butt?”

They’ll come up to you and think you’re way young and you’ll be proud in your bikini and you’ll feel confident and your man is going to love it.