Shape Your Butt And Slim Your Thighs (3 Moves-no lunges!)

So we are going to do 3 moves that are going to shape, lift, and tone while you lose butt fat from your butt and thighs.

Ready to get started?

Come down with me onto your mat, the first move is called “Dolphin”.

You’re going to come down onto your forearms, make sure your hands and elbows are in alignment so you have a really stable base. Then line up your knees with your elbows.

Make sure your knees are hip distance apart and your elbows are shoulder distance apart.

When you find that really grounding stability, take a deep inhale and exhale.

You’re going to lift one leg up. Now you get to decide how far you lift it.

You can do it midway or if you’d like to go further, you can go into the full extension lifting that leg all the way up towards the ceiling. That’s one move, exhale and slowly bring it down.

So let’s do 5 of these.

Every time you lift your leg, you want to squeeze your butt so we’re shaping the butt while we’re toning. We’re really targeting into the top of the butt muscle.

On the last one, extend the leg up as high as you can and then slowly bring it down.

Now let’s go to the other side. Remember to go at your own pace and breathe as you lift.

These are called “Dolphin Kicks”.

You can imagine that you’re a dolphin in the ocean while you’re chiseling away that butt fat, shaping, toning and lifting. You’re also playing, so have fun!

Remember, it’s always important to enjoy exercising.

Then…when you’re done with that side, push back and slowly walk your hands up.

So that was the 1st move and the next moves are called “Rainbows”.

So once again you’re going to come down onto your forearms, same position, make sure your elbows are shoulder width apart, your hands are in alignment with your elbows, your knees are in alignment with your hips.

Take a deep inhale, then you’re going to exhale.

“Level 1″ is just to lift that right leg up and just slowly come down. So this is going to chisel away that side butt fat and we’re even getting into the top of the thigh.

If you would like to go into “level 2″, you’re going to reach that leg back, place it down, and then bring it forward.

If you’d like to go into “level 3″, the leg extends out. Bring it all the way forward, touch the foot down, and then bring it all the way back.

So whatever level you’re at, let’s do 5 of these.

You want to be connected to your core so you’re really balanced and stable. You’re targeting into those butt muscles: the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minimus.

We’re losing the butt fat while we are shaping the top of the thigh.

Keep breathing, imagine how great your butt is going to look as we’re chiseling away that butt fat. We’re shaping the butt while we’re also slimming down the thigh.

Feels good right?

And for our 3rd move, we’re going to come down onto our back, so really take your time, connect to your sitting bones. Lift your arms up and use your core to slowly roll down onto your back.

And this move is called “Bridge Pose”.

Place your feet down on the ground, hips distance apart. Have your hands on the ground and then roll one shoulder under and then the next.

So your shoulder blades are moving down your back which really gives you a nice, wide open chest and your collar bones are spread apart.

So you’re going to squeeze your butt as you lift up, that’s one.

If you would like more intensity, you can lift that right leg up. You’re going to squeeze with your knees bent. And if you would like to go even further, bring that foot all the way and lift and squeeze.

We’re going to do 5 of these. Make sure you’re breathing, especially at the top of that move.

We’re chiseling away the butt fat, we’re shaping the butt, you’re going to feel so great.

Now wherever you are, if you’d like to stay with the basic…it’s just lift and squeeze.

And if you would like to go further you’re going to lift the left leg and that isolates the right butt cheek. So you’re really putting all the tension under one butt cheek at a time.

“Level 3″ is where you lift and squeeze and lift that leg fully extended.

It’s amazing how simple, easy, moves can get you such great results when you really concentrate.

So those are 3 easy moves to shape and tone your butt and thighs, without doing any lunges.

To do a complete workout, practice this exercise and do this routine 4 times.

So that way you will really get the most out of your time of chiseling the butt and slimming the thighs.

You’re going to be amazed at how great you feel in a very short period of time…

So thank you for your suggestions.

Please keep them coming, I’m listening to you.